December 31, 2015 – Happy New Year!

Dear friends, dear guests, dear all!
We can only perceive the existence of time and its infinity, when something is coming to an end. With the New Year holidays, we celebrate the infinity of time and our ability to draw a line, as if we were marking some interim progress.

With this, we perceive eventually that while the time in itself has no limits, it’s we who have. This is what makes our life ‘a gorgeous broken gift’ we can never fix by ourselves. A mere and bitter illusion is that we can be strong and pull through on our own. We never could, and we never will.

And this is why rejoicing the New Year day is a celebration of love, friendship and all the precious moments we’ve spent together in the past year, and will spend together in the one to come. We celebrate our admiration for the world around us and the fragility of its beauty.

Stay tuned! Be happy in 2016!

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