Official Workshop Video

This 8m58s video serves to provide the workshop participants with some nice reminiscences and reflections regarding the journey.

Produced by: Arnaud Mansat
Text & Narrative: Nikita Tananaev

Financial support from the Russian Geographical Society (travel expences for Arnaud Mansat) is gratefully acknowledged.

LYON Team Photos

The LYON Team indoors, just after receiving the participants’ certificates

The LYON Team outdoors, on the foredeck of ‘Alexander Matrosov’

The Organizing Committee wearing neat LYON logo T-shirts

Program & Presentations

Baranskaya, Alisa V.
Sequence of Quaternary deposits of the south-western coast of the Gulf of Yenisei (*.pdf)
Khamedov, Vladimir A.
Satellite observations and the environmental monitoring of the West Siberia regions (*.pdf)

Zakharov, Vyacheslav I.
Remote sensing of the water vapour isotopologues using ground-based and satellite IR spectrometers (*.pdf)
Tashkun, Sergey A.
Spectroscopic support of remote sensing of CO2 isotopologues in the atmosphere (*.pdf)
Mikhailenko, Semen N. 
Spectral line parameters of water vapour and ozone from microwave to near-IR (*.pdf)
Korets, Mikhail A. 
RS-based vegetation parameters mapping (Tura test site) (*.pdf)
Garestier, Franck 
Investigation of the permafrost environment using Pol D-InSAR at X-band (*.pdf)

Probst, Jean-Luc
World’s largest rivers: hydrological challenges and the development of research infrastructure (*.pdf)

Tananaev, Nikita I.
Modelling discontinuous permafrost hydrology – Graviyka River, Igarka (*.pdf) – presented on behalf of co-authors.
Tananaev, Nikita I.
Sediment and chemical fluxes of small rivers in the tundra-taiga transition zone, Northern Yenisei region (*.pdf)
Tananaev, Nikita I.
Hydrochemical tracers of the hydrological processes at the tundra-taiga frontier, lower Yenisei region (*.pdf)

Kochanska, Malgorzata 
Organic matter in water environment of the northern part of Western Siberia(*.pdf)
Gandois, Laure
Optical properties of in situ and remote sensing of dissolved organic matter: insights from high resolution data acquisition (*.pdf) Prokushkin, Anatoly S. 
The analysis of carbon fluxes in land-atmosphere-hydrosphere system of Yenisei River catchment (*.pdf)
Hoyt, Alison 
Methanogenesis in Arctic environments: what can we learn from isotopic techniques? (*.pdf)
Shiklomanov, Nikolay I. 
Linkages between natural and socio-economic systems in the Eurasian Arctic (*.pdf)

Shiklomanov, Nikolay I. 
From prominence to collapse to sustainable development: The past, present and future of Igarka (*.pdf)
Halicka, Beata 
Aboriginal peoples in Northern Canada: The case study of Inuvik (*.pdf)

LYON Photo Galleries

Scanned film prints, crafted with ‘Zenith’ optical camera
Authored by: Alisa Baranskaya

Plenitude of portraits and pieces of everyday life onboard
Authored by: Vladimir Khamedov